Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson

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Dear Ted:
I'm getting really excited for The Hunger Games! With everyone comparing it to Twilight, do you think there will be a Robsten-like romance budding on set? I personally think Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson would be super cute together!

Dear We Wish:
Sorry, but the only canoodling Katniss will be doing with any of those District 12 boys is on the big screen. Last time we checked in, J.Law had a fairy serious and pretty "secretive" BF-ship with former X-Men cutie Nicholas Hoult, and Josh—though single—isn't looking to play the other man.

Dear Ted:
I have a question about Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton. The guy is always into the same type of girl: very young blonde models who don't care about his reputation and are up for the arm candy role. It seems like he changes them only to keep them under the age of 25 even though he is not getting any younger. I feel sorry for the girls who still fall for him.

Dear Dating DiCaprio:
That wasn't exactly a question, was it, Betty? But you're right: Leo isn't looking to settle down, like, at all, so he keeps finding new models (and sometimes actresses—here's looking at you Blake Lively) to fill his gal-pal quota. I'm with you though, B, I'd like him to land in a relaysh that seems like it'll last for more than a week. I think it would actually make him sexier.

Dear Ted:
Happy New Year to you and the pups! Are you still off the smokes? Hope so! Any truth to the rumors that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are engaged? She should be careful with him, he would not think twice about dumping her again if he got a better offer!

Dear Said It Before:
I seriously doubt that J.T.'s already popped the question, but that doesn't mean that a diamond ring isn't in the works for 2012. These two seem to be willing to try anything to make it work, and while I don't think marriage is exactly what Justin had in mind, it may just be the next step. And, yes, still off the smokes. Feels good.

Dear Ted:
So what's on the horizon for beautiful lady Dianna Agron? It sounded like she might have some new projects post-Glee (as I assume she would be leaving). Are there any future movie deals being discussed like that meeting with Taylor Lautner? I know Dianna is busy with Glee and probably can't audition much, but I hope to see her be that breakout star because her face would be wonderful to see on the big screen.

Dear A Gleeful Future:
I've always said that I think Di will be one of the most successful of the Glee bunch post-graduation and I still think so. She hasn't confirmed any plans yet, but her name gets tossed around this town almost as much as it gets tossed around the boards—seriously, you all ask a ton of questions about Ms. Agron! It's a good thing I like the babe so much.

Dear Ted:
Happy New Year! How are Emily Blunt and John Krasinski doing? Any Vicey-ness for these two, or are they, dare I ask...normal?

Dear Old Married Couple:
As normal as they this town, at least.

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