This is some never-before-seen footage, all right. That we can't quite believe was this well foreseen.

Sure, popular wisdom has always declared that Disney likes to hide things in their kid-friendly animated flicks. We just never assumed that the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises would be one of them.

But that, eerily, awesomely, and let's be honest, pretty jaw-droppingly, is what seems to have gone down, as evidenced by the pioneering work of YouTuber MovieMaestroTen. (MovieMaestroTen, on behalf of film geeks everywhere, we applaud you.)

The user uploaded a fan-made trailer mash-up over the holiday weekend, combining the audio from the recently released first trailer of Christopher Nolan's trilogy-ender with footage from The Lion King.

To almost disturbingly successful results. Way to make good on that what's-old-is-new-again new year's adage.

Still, don't take our word for it—check out the trailer for yourself and prepare to be wowed.

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