Stacy Keibler, George Clooney

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Dear Ted:
After seeing snapshots of George Clooney's latest jaunt to Cabo with Stacy Keibler, Cindy Crawford and her hubby, Rande Gerber, I wondered if Cindy and George ever dated back before she was married? You have to admit they would make a beautiful couple. Is that the Vicey vacay I'd like to think it could be, or just good old-fashioned beach fun? Could all of them possibly be Blind Vicers?
Just Curious

Dear Cabo Wabo:
Look, Cindy and George may be hot together, but neither are having any trouble in the arm candy department. The two are just friends, but I can tell you more than 50 percent of the crew are Vicers. So I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

Dear Ted:
Playoffs are officially starting! That means I have to get as much excitement out of my fave sport as I can now. And you can help! Are Pepper Harthman and Taller Baller going to be watching the playoffs from the sidelines this year, or do their Vicey selves manage to excel in spite of the Vices?

Dear Peppering the Playoffs?
One of these Vicers may have a chance at the playoffs. The other? Not so much.

Dear Ted:
What's up with Adam Levine and his new girlfriend? The man is known for playing the field hard and bedding some of the most enviable women in show biz—all without the need for any type of commitment. And all of a sudden he has a "steady girlfriend"? That does not make sense to me. People do not change overnight and I do not think he had any life changing experiences recently to make him want to change his playboy ways. What gives?

Dear Hot Enough to Settle:
Well, the dude is dating a Victoria's Secret model, so perhaps he's found his motivation to settle down? But then again, I wouldn't expect it to last—players in H'wood are tough dudes to tame.

Dear Ted:  
I can't help but wonder if Minka Kelly thinks the rumors about Derek Jeter cheating are the product of Jeter fan girl envy. If she does, she is very naive, which might explain her taking him back or maybe she is just stupid.

Dear Three's a Crowd:
Look, C, Minka's definitely not stupid. Trust, both parties benefit from this relaysh—just not in the way you may think.  

Dear Ted:
So glad that Ask Ted is back...missed ya. So what's the new gossip with the Glee kids? Any word on who's leaving or staying after this season? Or how about any juicy behind the scenes stuff? I'd love to hear something on Dianna Agron, but if not her, any of the rest of the Glee crew! Hope your holidays were Vice free!

Dear Gleeful and Vicey New Years:
Nothing terribly new, as far as Vicey behavior for the Glee gang goes, but Darren Criss is about to make his Broadway debut. The potential for a little competition from veteran Broadway star Lea Michele? Oh, we definitely think so. Here's to a very Vicey New Year for the whole Glee crew!

Dear Ted:  
Happy New Year, Ted and team? Just got back from seeing Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol and I had this idea of Tom Cruise and Taylor Lautner teaming up to play father and son crazy, or is this just a sign I get carried away with popcorn in my hands?

Dear T Time:
Interesting choice, W, but we think Tay attempted the whole Tom Cruise action thing in Abduction. And since that movie's more challenging than the writing in Twilight, we're thinking a Tom and Tay duet may be a little much.

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