Ellen Barkin

AP Photo/Jennifer Graylock

New Year's Eve was not exactly another happy day for Ellen Barkin.

The 57-year-old actress headed to Twitter to vent about a run-in with a police officer who allegedly shoved her while she was walking near her apartment with her director boyfriend, Sam Levinson, in New York City Saturday night. 

"Just threatened on my street by NYPD, cop shoved me, both hands, onto sidewalk..Is it a crime 2 stand in the street in NY? WTF is going on here?" the Another Happy Day star tweeted.

Barkin, who had been tweeting about policemen in the area making random arrests that night, said she was trying to help a girl who had been arrested when the incident occurred.

"I was trying 2 make my way 2 young girl they had thrown in2 the van.She was not a protester. Was not drunk. She was walking home," Barkin went on. 

Levinson, captured the incident on camera and posted the clip on his Twitvid account, writing "Corner of 13 & 5th, where the #NYPD was arresting innocent ppl." Prior to that, the 26-year-old filmmaker wrote"Walking with @EllenBarkin. #NYPD had blocked off streets. Thanks for welcoming in the New Year!" 

Sunday morning, Barkin continued to discuss the incident, writing, "I have never been afraid of a NY policeman until last nite. What I saw was random & senseless arrests and unnecessarily threatening behavior."

The NYPD has yet to comment on the incident, but if and when they do we will bring you their response.

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