Are Chris Brown and Rihanna Sending Each Other (Not So) Secretive Love Tweets?

Each star posted a love tweet without specifying to whom. Could they be making up?

By Bruna Nessif Dec 30, 2011 1:55 AMTags
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It's been a long road between these two. And we mean long. Also, bumpy.

After the highly publicized 2009 assault, which we all wish we could forget but will always remember, Rihanna and Chris Brown's tumultuous relationship seems to have struck up again after the former couple each posted tweets about love that appeared to be directed toward the other.

The Twitter mystery (brought to our attention by Nicky Geezy from Power 106) started when Breezy posted, "Love U more than u know!"


Two minutes later, Ri-Ri responded with, "I'll always love you #1love."

Coincidence? Maybe, but that's hard to believe. Rihanna has already defended why she even follows Brown on Twitter and has shared that she's still a "fan" of his and "excited" for his comeback, which is fine. We get it.

But what's going on here? Is the duo thinking about rekindling their romance or are these tweets totally unrelated? Was it just a little something to get off their chest or is this their way of making something public? So many questions!

That's not all.

Earlier this month, Brown's mother tweeted, "HELLO LADY I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!" And Rihanna tweeted shortly after, "Miss+Love u 2"