So True? So False? Is Lady Gaga Really House-Hunting With Her Boyfriend in Pennsylvania?!

Story has it that the New York native is looking to buy in rumored beau Taylor Kinney's neck of the woods

By Natalie Finn, Claudia Rosenbaum Dec 29, 2011 1:05 AMTags
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We didn't think Lady Gaga was the suburbia type, but hey, we didn't think she was the spend-48-hours-in-an-egg type, either—and she sure showed us!

A story that originated with a local TV station has the pop superstar and her rumored beau, The Vampire Diaries hottie Taylor Kinney, house-hunting in Pennsylvania, and that they're particularly interested in a 6,000-square-foot mansion in the Lancaster County borough of Lilitz.

Is Gaga so in love that she's willing to move a hop, skip and a jump away from Amish Country? Stranger things have happened (many of them having to do with Gaga), so we wouldn't put it past her.

Hang onto your paper routes, kids, because this story is...

So false!

In fact, Lady Gaga hasn't been anywhere near that house on Oak Hill Drive, at least as far as the realtor looking to sell it is concerned.

Anne M. Lusk exclusively tells E! News that she has received upward of 150 inquiries about the property—including a few serious offers to buy—since word got out that Gaga was looking. Only, Lusk tells us, she's pretty sure that the people who thought they saw Gaga scoping the property were actually seeing her!

It was only after Lusk went to check on the house wearing an apparently Gaga-esque leopard-print coat, sunglasses and funky heels that the rumor started that Gaga had toured the four-bedroom, five-bathroom home, which is in a gated community called Bent Creek.

"It was a Sunday and I decided to go check on all my properties," Lusk says. "I usually dress really conservative, but on that day I was wearing my retro coat and my long blond hair was straight and down."

"I don't even look like her," she adds. "I haven't even had a showing of the house yet!"

She figures that people must have put two and two together (and arrived at five instead of four) after Gaga was spotted at a nearby café with Kinney, whose parents live nearby.

"How these things grow...It's really sort of funny," Lusk says.

But, if Lady Gaga is interested in moving to the neighborhood, Lusk would be happy to hear from her!