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At last Teen Mom 2 has given us something to cheer about.

After biting our nails for a week, the results of Leah and Corey's baby daughter Ali's brain MRI were finally revealed tonight: "her brain is fine," the pediatrician assured her worried mother.

But it's not all good news—for baby Ali or Teen Mom 2 bad boys Kieffer and Adam

First, the Good News: After last week's cliffhanger, we weren't sure we could take anymore heart-wrenching scenes about baby Ali's developmental disorder. Fortunately Leah's pediatrician has good news—mostly. "We have a good and we have a bad, but the good outweighs the bad," says the reassuring Dr. Porter. The scan revealed that one—but not both—of Ali's optic nerves is indeed small, and will probably affect her sight in that eye. But her brain is fine, and as Corey says later about Ali, "She was made for glasses." We agree—that baby girl really is "too friggin' cute" in those pink spectacles.

Jail Date:  Despite failing at least one of her online college classes, Jenelle's 19th birthday is off to a good start, with her mom surprising her in bed with presents. Barbara cackles at her daughter's disappointment in her practical gifts: Fix-A-Flat and jumper cables! Now she just needs a cigarette lighter adapter so Kieffer can shave and charge his iPod when next the vehicle becomes their primary residence. See, Jenelle isn't exactly being "truthful and honest" with her mom about her relationship with Kieffer—instead of avoiding him, she herself drives him to the police station to answer her charges of domestic violence. Maybe the cops will be impressed by his new buzz cut, but we suspect it's the involuntary result of a bad case of head lice.

Before this latest joyride with Kieffer, 19-year-old Jenelle sagely observes: "I'm just happy this is my last year of being a teenager, just because, like, when you're in your teens like no one really takes you seriously." Let's review the evidence: Kieffer is 20, and fellow reality mama Kailyn—a full-time college student who lives in her own apartment with her toddler while working two jobs—is still a teenager. Your verdict?  

On the Safe Side: Aside from Barbara, most of tonight's supporting cast—especially Kailyn's friend Stephanie—seem to be reading lines in an expressionless monotone, indicating they are probably on their 17th take of "So are you and Jordan having sex?" and its staged follow-up, "Do you have unprotected sex?" But Kailyn's storyline tonight—a PSA on birth control and frank discussions about sex with your partner—needed an introduction before her visit to the OB-GYN.

Later she tells Jordan she got a Mirena IUD, protecting her for five years. His embarrassed response annoys his girlfriend, who demands to know, "Why are you so uncomfortable about this topic right now?" Um, maybe because he's surrounded by a camera crew? We'd "plead the fifth" too pal if a grip was shoving a light in our face. In the end, Jordan apologizes and makes Kailyn not only smile but laugh. Twice. Girl should let loose more often; even though Kailyn believes she built a "six-feet hole" with her unplanned teen pregnancy, she's far better than Jenelle, who's almost burrowed her way to China by now.

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Damsel in Distress: Like Jenelle, we first see Chelsea in bed, complaining on the phone to her father Randy because on-again boyfriend Adam has abandoned her and taken baby Aubree with him. "That's your Prince Charming," sighs Chelsea's enabling papa to his little princess. "That's the way he's always been—you need to decide whether you're OK with that." Adam ignores Chelsea's repeated calls, but he finally responds to a text with "I am keeping [Aubree]…Shut up." From the guy whose texting history includes calling Chelsea a "fat stretch mark bitch," this seems pretty tame. It hurts us to admit it, but we found ourselves sympathizing with Adam tonight. Whiny and needy enough on her best days, Chelsea immobilized and in pain from knee surgery would drive even a saint (including her father) away.   

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