House of Lies

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What's the best gift you got for the holidays? Oh really? Well, chuck that aside, because Kristen Bell, Don Cheadle and Jean Ralphio (Parks and Recreation's Ben Schwartz) are coming to your TV—and you can watch their new show right now.

Treat yo'self!

Our pals at Showtime have released the full pilot episode of House of Lies, which premieres Jan 8, but you don't have to wait any longer. Plus, find out which AMC series will live on, and the latest CSI casting news...

House of Lies stars Oscar nominee Don Cheadle (who also serves as executive producer), Bell and Schwartz in a dark comedy about management consultants who have highly questionable ethics. Worth noting here before you watch the premiere: The series starts off with Cheadle and another costar completely nekkid in a position that proves this is a cable series right off the bat, thankyouverymuch. For our money, this pilot episode shows serious promise.

In other TV news:

  • AMC has renewed Hell on Wheels for a second season, citing an average of 3.2 million viewers. The first-season finale airs Jan. 15.
  • Jesse McCartney will guest star on CSI in February, as first reported by TVLine. He'll play a recent college grad who passes out while driving and crashes his car. 

What do you think of the premiere episode of House of Lies? Anyone else craving more Veronica and Jean Ralphio in subsequent episodes? Hit the comments.

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