Just...a little...lower.

Madonna's latest ad for her new fragrance Truth or Dare makes us wonder if someone triple-dog-dared her to fully show off her not-so-little isla bonitas, because it's pretty darn close.

But sorry, no wardrobe malfunctions here.

The black-and-white ad features the singer looking quite glamorous as she gazes—what feels like—deep into our soul. And then you realize that's also her face next to her.

What's going on there?

At first you think it might be some sort of reflection shot, but clearly, the facial expression on Madonna's right shot doesn't match because her eye is closed and her mouth is doing some sort of smirk. Are we the only ones kinda creeped out by it?

Hey, maybe one side conveys truth and the other dare? That would be some serious marketing.

What do you think? Are you loving the ad or not so much? Let us know in the comments!

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