Justin Bieber, Jazmyn Bieber

George Pimentel/WireImage

Justin Bieber just gave his fans a reason to love him even more.

While shooting a holiday concert special in Toronto on Thursday night, the teen sensation took a break from performing acoustic versions of songs off his Christmas album, Under the Mistletoe, to share the spotlight with his No. 1 fan.

And no, it's not you.

Sorry, Beliebers, that would be the singer's sister, Jazmyn.

Yep. In the middle of the half-hour show, Justin brought his ridiculously cute 3-year-old sibling out onstage, where the two sang an adorable rendition of "Baby" together.

The darling duo went on to share some sweet banter, a few hugs and a couple "I love yous."

So check out the video above. And if it doesn't leave you with a warm feeling inside, well, then you have no soul.

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