Kris Humphries, Toney Douglas

Al Bello/Getty Images

After learning that free agent Kris Humphries was reuniting with the New Jersey Nets this NBA season and that he was "Excited to be back!", we find out some fans might not be as excited to see the guy on the court.

During the Nets game against the New York Knicks tonight at Madison Square Garden, Kim Kardashian's ex endured quite the uproar from fans, constantly getting booed once he entered the game in the second quarter.

Listen for yourself...

It's not totally clear, but you can hear some sort of disapproval from the crowd in this YouTube clip. And judging from the commentators' remarks, it was hard to miss on court.

"Kris Humphries coming into the game, just signing a new deal. There's a...the boos from the fans," they said. "He's one of the most famous players in the NBA now, it has nothing to do with basketball but obviously with his marriage and quick divorce to Kim Kardashian. You feel bad for the young man. He's gonna, no doubt, hear all sorts of taunts and stuff throughout the season."

And the second commentator said it best, because after a couple plays, "the crowd is still in a frenzy." People in the crowd started to take pictures of Humphries, and the commentators themselves were "shocked at the treatment he's getting."

Guess Kim and Kourtney really did take New York.

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