The Game

As if you would even call him a "fan" to begin with.

We can't really wrap our minds around why someone would pay money to see a rapper perform, just so they can end up throwing things on stage (and in this case, we're not talking panties), but thanks to YouTube, we see that that's exactly what happened to The Game in Oslo, Norway, last night.

Some guy threw a bottle, the music stopped, and the rap artist gave him a taste of the "Westside."

Surrounded by his buff and topless entourage (yes, really), The Game said on the mic, "Next time you throw something, I'm just gonna ask someone next to you who threw it and we gon' jump over there and f--k you up."

The crowd cheered, but it wasn't over.

The "California Dream" rapper jumped offstage and went straight to the perpetrator, threatening to fight him at that very moment. It didn't look like anything happened, and The Game returned on stage and said, "You ain't so tough now, boy," and ended the surprise altercation with, "Hey, don't throw s--t at me, man. Hey, Westside n---a, lesson learned."

Yeah, we'd say lesson learned, for sure.

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