It was the fart heard 'round the world. Or, what everyone thought was Whoopi Goldberg passing wind on TV last Friday.

On Monday's show, the cohost of The View began the hour by "clearing the air" about what was perceived by many as a stinky situation.

"People have lost their minds about this," said the Oscar winner referring to the program's Dec. 16 episode where, during an interview with Homeland star Claire Danes, Goldberg audibly appeared to let one go and remarked at the time: "Oh, excuse me! I think I just blew a little frog out of there!"

Well, don't believe everything you hear, apparently...

"What actually happened is, there is in me a little kid who just forgets she is an adult on television and when her mind wanders, she just does stuff," explained Goldberg.

She then went on to confess that the noise really came out of the other end and proceeded to provide proof by way a slow-motion replay that shows the sound coming from her mouth.

"I did it because I just wanted to have some fun," she said. "I was in a mood."

Oh, that Whoopi. What a gas!

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