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It sorta feels like a series finale, doesn't it?

But rest assured, despite the insanely fast pace (and rapid-fire, jaw dropping twists!) of American Horror Story's past few episodes, tonight's installment is only a season finale. There will be more. Still, after you see it, you will be asking: Where the bejeezus can they go from here?! What happens is...unexpected.

Here's an idea of what you are in for , including the top five moments that just might take you lose your head:

First things first: Perhaps the most surprising aspect of tonight's finale is that unlike the past few episodes of AHS, this shockfest-on-speed actually slows down in its final hour. Dramatically so. Anyone expecting a full hour of huge reveals and major answers to questions might want to adjust expectations.

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the finale in a way I didn't expect, with a few scenes that are emotionally satisfying and even slightly—wait for it—hopeful (a series first!), providing stark contrast to the rest of the disturbingly dark season.

There are also a handful of moments that just might leave you screaming at your TV.

And they are:

  1. A shocking death.
  2. A surprising reappearance.
  3. Ben in the Rubber Man suit. (Note: We still can't figure out who the chubbier Rubber Man is in the photo above! Unless Dylan McDermott accidentally sucked on an air hose?)
  4. A tiny sliver of (short-lived) happiness for Tate and Violet fans.
  5. A disturbing final scene.

And oh yeah, did I mention Vivien (Connie Britton) gets crazy violent?! (Though it's not as out of character as it seems. And the dude totally has it coming.)

The American Horror Story season finale airs tonight on FX. Check it out and let us know what you think! We'll be up allll night thinking about it, 'cause that's how we wusses roll.

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