Charlie Sheen, Kate Middleton

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If the contest were E!'s Rock Star From Mars of the Year, Charlie Sheen would win in a landslide.

But considering we bracketed 64 celebrities with the intent of naming one of them Celeb of the Year—and doling out $25,000 to the charity of his or her choice—Sheen had formidable competition in the headline department, let alone within his own 16-person Newsmakers bracket.

Sure enough, however, he kept winning, with our readers voting him past Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato and, in round three, none other than our resident scene-stealer, Kim Kardashian.

And now Sheen, who's been tweeting links to our contest throughout (sorry you never got to go up against Ashton Kutcher, bro), is making his case for why he should be named No. 1 Newsmaker—and ultimately Celeb of the Year— instead of...

Kate Middleton!

"Did she get fired, watch the show turn to GAR-BAGE and then TAKE ALL THEIR MONEY????" Sheen wrote exclusively to E! News while vacationing with Denise Richards, their two daughters and Richards' baby girl in Mexico.

Er, no, she most certainly did not.

In fact, minus marrying an heir to the U.K. throne and becoming a style icon for the ages, Middleton's year was relatively boring.

But the Duchess of Cambridge still has time to make her case to E! Online readers as to why she should beat out Sheen for top Newsmaker. Any way she wants to reach out—Twitter, email, text, telegram, carrier pigeon—we'll be happy to pass on the message!

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