Rooney Mara, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Baldur Bragason/Columbia TriStar

The reviews are in! And they're incredibly mixed.  

While some praise the remake, describing David Fincher's flick as "electrifying," others disagree, calling the much-hyped film "not even good rubbish." But even though each critic has a different take, there's one tough chick no one's questioning.

So, what's the scoop on Rooney Mara, and can the gal who some consider the next Kristen Stewart turn The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo into box-office glory?

We think so! Especially based on the hard work Rooney's put into the character.

Remember the hair-dying, weight loss, tattoos and even the nipple piercing? Rubbish or not, this gal definitely embodies Lisbeth Slander.

Sorta how Kristen isn't afraid to rough her self up, anytime, anywhere, no matter the role.

But what about the other players in the movie, like tough guy Daniel Craig?

Well, reviews are mixed for this dude, as well. The New York Post calls him "dopey and scowling," but CNN calls his performance "some of his best work to date."

Not surprisingly, there's no mixed review for Mara, with words like "brilliant" and "riveting" used to describe her take on Lisbeth.

And while Rooney was recently nominated for a Golden Globe, neither the film itself nor Daniel Craig have received any accolades from major award shows.

Our take? It takes more than one spectacular performance to save a movie, but we're still hoping this film will be a winner.

After all, we loved the trailer, and we live for Rooney Mara—heck, we'll head to the theaters just to check out her epic transformation!

So, what do you think, Awful readers? The film hits theaters today, and we want to hear your thoughts—sound off below!

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