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Capitol Colors

So you might not be getting Katniss' flashy fire dress, but at least this is something, right?

The Hunger Games—the latest franchise to boast some serious girl power—is also starting to shill out products from the film that they're hoping you fashionista types will snatch up quicker than we can say District 12.

The first product comes inspired by none other than the fabulously eccentric Effie Trinket...

Nail polish, of course!

Effie Elizabeth Banks is now the face of the China Glaze ad campaign for their nail polishes Capitol Colours.

The press release for the colorful collection boasts, "The 12 polishes are each inspired by one of the 12 districts—allowing citizens to show their solidarity and support for a favorite tribute by wearing the color associated with their district."

And while we're definitely curious which color our par-tick Districts would flash, the real Q is: Are you dying to get a hold of the H.G.-inspired swag? Why Summit never teamed up with Wet ‘n' Wild for smoky Bella eye shadows and pouty lip balms is beyond us.

Remember, we asked you a couple months back whether you'd rather steal the style of Twilight's Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) or The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo's Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara) look—ya know, after H&M rolled out a line designed for Lisbeth ladies and Bella's wedding dress hit boutiques—and nearly a fourth of you said you'd wait until Katniss' clothing line came out.

Well, it's not Katniss. Actually, it's her arch nemesis (The Capitol), really. But do you think the Hunger Games  gear is très fashion forward or should be banished forever? Sound off in the poll!

Awful¿s Game Gear: Love It or Leave It Poll!
Are you going to try on the Hunger Games-inspired fashion?
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