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To whomever is hating on Kim Kardashian's trip to Haiti...

"While my experience was completely life-changing—a very emotional and surprisingly positive journey that I will never forget," the E! star blogged today about her trip to the earthquake-ravaged nation on behalf of Maria Bello's We Advance organization, "some media outlets have tried to tarnish the motive behind my visit and have written completely ridiculous and untrue things."

So, where did the untruth originate?

It appears that the story of Kardashian's trip being more of a vanity project than anything else originated with the National Enquirer—which quoted a third-person anonymous source who said that Oprah Winfrey called Kim "phony" after she upstaged the OWN maven's journey to Haiti and on-the-ground interview with Sean Penn.

And the tabloid didn't stop there.

"The National Enquirer wrote that I went to a fashion show in Haiti and spent a fortune pampering myself!" Kardashian's blog post continued. "The truth is that I was at the Haitian Artisan Fair, where the amazing men and women who make their jewelry and crafts sell them to visitors to make a living, and I bought some beautiful jewelry!! Reading this made me so disappointed in the media...Taking such a positive thing and writing something malicious and untrue."

"The journalists obviously didn't bother to do their research and instead published a ridiculous story to sell copies," she wrote. "I have ignored all of this until now, but because I wanted to write a few blogs about my experience, I felt I needed to address this first. I have become accustomed to dealing with rumors and lies spread about my family or my relationships, and have learned to ignore it to a certain extent. But when a magazine makes the decision to twist the truth and write lies like that, it belittles the entire experience we had in Haiti, and I won't let them do that."

Kardashian did indeed return to Los Angeles raving about her life-altering experience in the troubled Caribbean nation and how she wanted to go back with sisters Khloé and Kourtney as soon as possible.

Kris Jenner made the trip with her this time around, as did Bello and Patricia Arquette.

Meanwhile, Winfrey benignly tweeted last week from the displaced person's camp run by Penn's relief organization, J/P HRO, and now is looking ahead to her first trip to India next month.

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