Naya Rivera, Dianna Agron, Lea Michele, Heather Morris

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Dear Ted:  
Any news on auditions or movies for Dianna Agron? I know she has a tight schedule with Glee but it's not like they let her do anything but sway in the background. Also you say that Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Darren Criss are the Gleeks with the chances of making it big but what about Naya Rivera she's not my favorite but she's been getting shoved in our faces a lot recently any movie execs got an eye on her?

Dear Life Post-Glee?
I'm sure once Di has a little more time open in her schedule to commit to the big screen we'll be seeing much more of her. There's no point in auditioning for parts if she'll be doing Glee duty when the movie films, after all. As for Naya, the bigger Q is where she has her eyes on any movies. What she wants, she gets, so it's only a matter of time.

Dear Ted:
Lea Michele and Cory Monteith? On or off? Spotted in NYC together going into a hotel at 1:30 a.m., numerous reports of an off-show romance, what do we think?

Dear Montchele Fan:
Me thinks it's no biggie. While L-babe has definitely mellowed out over the past few seasons, I'm still not buying their chemistry offscreen. Sorry!

Dear Ted:
I was wondering if Super-Duper Cooper and Portia Vajazzle have ever canoodled?

Dear Canoodling Vicers?:
No, the two don't run in the same Hollywood circle. Besides, though the dudes that Portia canoodles with are usually pretty big d-bags (at least in my humble opinion), she usually gets something out of it. And I can't see Porsh gaining much from hitting the town with stinky SDC.

Dear Ted:
I am totally stumped by Brucey Huskers. I thought he might be an athlete, but now I don't know. My free to a good home puppy, Daisy, is lying on my lap wondering too. Can you give any more clues?

Dear Some Sort of Baller:
I would lean toward your athlete hunch—you're definitely headed in the right direction.

Dear Ted:  
Is Tim Tebow as genuine as he seems or does he have some Vicey behavior behind closed doors? I love him and I need to know!

Dear Wholesome Dude:
As impossible as it may seem, dude really is genuine (almost annoyingly so). We love a wholesome dude, but a little Vice here and there never hurt anyone, right?

Dear Ted:  
Does Olivia Wilde have a Blind Vice? I was watching E! News the other night and she was being interviewed and I couldn't hope but notice some things she may have in common with a certain Blind Vice of yours. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year.

Dear Wilde and Vicey:
Yes, gal's definitely engaged in some Vicey behavior, but lately chick's kept a low-profile on her Vicey ways. Here's hoping she returns to her old ways in 2012! Happy holidays to you, T, and thanks for the love!

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