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We're now officially three days past Christmas and three days away from New Year's (and today is sadly the last day of Hanukkah), so we understand if you're feeling a bit…Shall we say, "Bah, humbug!"-ish.

But Team Truth is still feeling the holiday love, which is why we're entering the latter half of our 99 reasons we still love Hollywood—ya know, like how we fawned over actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow, Lea Michele, Zooey and Emily Deschanel and Jessica Chastain yesterday.

Well, we've got nine more reasons to love this sometimes crazy, sometimes classy and always entertaining town. And we're starting it off with a guy we know you love:

54. Hurricane Sheen. Sure, Charlie Sheen may have flooded the media with his #winning and tiger blood and whatever other insanity he was spewing after parting ways—to put it politely—with Two and a Half Men. But what the hell, at least it was entertaining, right?!

Sandra Bullock, Louis Bardo

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53. Sandra Bullock. How did Sandy react to her pig of a husband Jesse James blabbing to the tabloids and exposing their marital woes? She kept her mouth shut. And despite all the hurt and public humiliation, Sandra handled the whole scandal with the utmost class. The result? She's still America's sweetheart and has Louis, her adorable baby boy, by her side.

52. Jessica Lange Sometimes it takes a gay man to take an older chick Hollywood may have cast aside and make her the most talked-about woman in town again. Which is what happened when Ryan Murphy picked two-time Oscar winner Lange to play the kooky, spooky and totally un-PC Constance on his new series American Horror Story. And Jessica did not disappoint. In fact, she stole the whole dang series! To be honest, we'd be perfectly happy if the show was just Constance talking and chitchatting in her kitchen. We're sure come Emmy season she'll be rewarded for her boob tube work.

51. Normal Celeb Kids. OK, we love the always-stylish Suri Cruise and rocker-chic Kingston Rossdale, but sometimes it's refreshing to see some of the more grounded celebrity kiddos (at least style-wise): like Violet Affleck, Sean and Jayden Federline-Spears and Matilda Rose Ledger. ‘Cause really, what 5-year-old needs designer duds (well, except Suri, duh)?

50. Simon Cowell Is Back. Sure, he may not have left us for very long and may have returned on a very similar show (jumping from American Idol to The X Factor), but we were still momentarily terrified at the idea of losing our favorite British bad boy from our TV screens. Instead, we got one better: He's doing the singing competition thing again and he's even reunited with TV BFF Paula Abdul for their usual hijinx. But what we weren't expecting? Simon isn't even necessarily the toughest judge—at least not compared to L.A. Reid.

49. You Can Only Run Your Mouth For So Long. Sometimes celebs in this town forget that there are consequences for their actions—who knows, maybe they've just watched Lindsay Lohan get off with a slap on the wrist one too many times. But even though stars may have a few friends in the legal biz, it's nice to know that if you say something stupid (like Brett Ratner did when he dropped a gay slur while discussing rehearsing) you will get punished (like losing your gig at the Oscars). Karma, huh?

Michael Jackson, Michael Album

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48. Michael Jackson's Legacy Lives On! While the King of Pop will always be with us one way or another (like This Is It!, the documentary concert about what would have been his final show, or his Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil show), we're très thrilled to see a different part of his legacy stepping into the limelight: his kids! Especially daughter Paris Jackson who not only landed her first movie gig but also hit up daily chatfest The Ellen Degeneres Show!

47. Hippie-Chic Style. We love this trend, inspired by "earthy" beauties like Miley Cyrus, Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens. Think '60s style with a glamorous touch—flowy skirts, lots of feathers and, on top of it all, bright red lips. It's ridiculously fabulous and something that could only stick in Tinseltown. Peace, love and the Best Dressed list, right?

46. Lindsay Lohan. What's next, the dog ate her plane ticket/ankle bracelet/passport? Nobody—and we mean nobody—has come up with more highly entertaining excuses for not showing up to court (or wherever). It really is getting Oscar-worthy at this point. And truly, we're tempted to give Lindz a pass on this score because with 'rents like she has, what else is a gal gonna do to survive?

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