Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Cozy Up in Bed for a Totally Drunk Christmas!

Check out the latest Funny or Die video...does the couple that joke together say together?

By Team Truth Dec 20, 2011 10:43 PMTags

It's no secret we love Ryan Gosling and live for anything featuring the hunk (more so when he shows off that killer six-pack of his, but whatever).

Which is why we thought it was brilliant when we heard he'd made a cameo in one of the hilarious Drunk History videos (if you haven't yet, check out some of the past historical reenactments and try not to laugh, we dare you).

Tho we had to doublethink it when we learned his ladylove costar would be at his side...

And in his bed!

Of course we're talking about Eva Mendes, the gal who has been stuck to Ry's side lately, whether it be on Disneyland dates, makin' out at stoplights (while the paparazzi watch) or hitting Paris for romantic graveyard strolls.

Well now the (admittedly gorgeous) twosome are taking their costar status from the film The Place Beyond the Pines to the much, much smaller screen with a Funny or Die video that features them as husband in wife reenacting the traditional story of Santa Claus—as told by a totally hammered dude.

And while it provides the LOLs—we love seeing Ryan get his comedy on, especially since his flicks tend to usually be only serious biz—we're still not so sure how we feel about Mendling (or should it be Ryva?) as a couple.

They look gorgeous together, but we're just not feeling the chemistry. Especially not when it seems so forced in our faces. But we want to know what you think about Ev and Ry's blooming relaysh, in front of and behind the cameras.

Or were you just too impressed by Jim Carrey's stint as Santa to care about the others?