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What is wrong with Leah's baby Ali? Where in the world is Kieffer Delp? Can Chelsea's baby daddy actually step up? And does Kailyn ever giggle?

Alas, tonight's uneventful episode of Teen Mom 2 only answered one of these questions to our satisfaction.

Can you guess which one?

"You Can't Fix the Brain": We've been biting our nails for a week wondering about baby Ali's brain MRI, but tonight we only saw the poor baby become sedated while her mama tearfully sang to her. At least Leah wasn't alone this time: Corey managed to take a day off work so he could accompany Leah and their daughter to the hospital. "I don't like it," a red-eyed Corey admits to his wife about these anxious doctor's appointments. "I get all nervous and scared—it's tough," and then adds, "I'm here for you and Ali." Aw.

Seeing these devoted parents comfort each other through this ordeal is doubly heartbreaking now that we know they have divorced. Yet despite their marital problems we don't doubt the devotion and maturity (even though Leah says "I'm just a kid myself too") of these young parents.

Hand Me the Remote: Kailyn tells boyfriend Jordan she got her own apartment, so now he another mommy to crash with besides his own! The hardest-working Teen Mom has plenty to be proud of, but candor is not her strong suit. So she decides to move out of her mom's house without telling her first, somehow persuading a couple of guitar-playing bouncers to help her. "Just like throwing 'em out of the club," the two pals say while tossing the furniture in their truck. "C'mon buddy you gotta go!" (Their "Helping Kailyn Move" song should be available on iTunes any day now.)

Kailyn's mom is understandably shocked when she learns that her daughter absconded with her grandson and giant plasma TV, which the easygoing musicians offer to return—but they forgot something important. Thus Kailyn's story ends tonight with a dramatic parking lot handoff with the remote control's rightful owner, who insists her daughter "had it made" living in her bedroom and being harassed by her tidy boyfriend.

Battle of Wounded Knee: Since Chelsea's elective knee surgery is juxtaposed against Leah and Corey's daughter's serious health problems, it's hard to sympathize with the young mom's petulance. And was that sarcasm we detected in Daddy Houska's voice when, before her surgery, he joked: "You'll probably have to cut down on your jogging"?

For once, Adam proved Randy wrong by manning up, caring for baby Aubree himself and being there to care for her when she came out of the operating room. So he hasn't lost his infuriating smirk and drops his "little bastard" daughter on the floor—baby steps, people! Thank God Kailyn didn't steal our remote control, because we need that mute button when Chelsea coos to her on-again BF with that horrifying baby talk.

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Lather, Rinse, Repeat: Apparently after last week's fireworks in the Planet Fun parking lot, Jenelle and Kieffer got into another violent fight—or, to use Jenelle's description when she pressed charges against him for domestic abuse, "He pushed me right here that resulted to me laying on the ground." Kieffer (who does not have a criminal record?!) was MIA in this episode, and Jenelle and her mom reconciled using indoor voices. A visibly defeated Barbara agreed to let her daughter move back in so she didn't have to sleep in her car—and become "more familiar" with her son Jace. It's almost unbearable to watch these scenes knowing Jenelle does drop the charges and return to being "really stuck up Kieffer's ass" again.

Coming Up: There was more drama in the 30-second preview for next week's episode than in all of tonight's show: Kailyn gets birth control for five years, Adam apparently kidnaps Aubree, and Kieffer gets a haircut. And Corey and Leah finally get answers about baby Ali's condition, but we're not sure what to make of the doctor's lead-in: "We have a good and we have a bad."

What did you think of tonight's episode? Sound off in the comments!

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