Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Leonardo DiCaprio, Erin Heatherton

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Dear Ted:  
I am a Leonardo DiCaprio-Blake Lively fan but even I thought those Leo-Erin Heatherton park pics were staged as were the Blake and Ryan Reynolds park pics. C'mon Leo's been in hiding since forever down in Australia, now we have clear shots of him and a beautiful blonde looking cozy in an empty park? What's the story here? Point scoring?

Dear Ex Games:
I'll admit, the pap pics of both these couples looked a little too par-fait, but that doesn't mean both couples aren't the real deal. Leo's simply back to his old ways and Blake's moved on to someone hotter. But we wouldn't be surprised it Leo wasn't inspired to reveal his new gal with all the puppy love photos of Blake and Ryan. The timing is just too good.

Dear Ted:
Let's be real about Kristen Stewart. I hope she's invested her millions wisely because I think once all the Twilight hullabaloo is over, so will her career as a leading lady. She only became famous because Twilight fans regarded her as the real-life embodiment of their fave heroine, not because of her "talent." She seriously plays every single character the exact same way—awkward pauses, lip-biting and hair twirling, included. Once the Twi-hards move on, it'll be back to indie films no one sees for Kristen.
Twi-d out

Dear K.Stew Hater:
Look, I've said over and over how the dubious Twilight writing gives K.Stew nada to work with, but the gal has new projects underway that may prove her acting chops. Did you even watch the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer? Despite the lack of Kristen cameos, we still think the movie looks totally badass and will be great for Kristen's career. Give her time to prove herself in a post-Twilight world—we think Kris absolutely has what it takes.

Dear Ted:  
What is the truth about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Hope they've worked things out for their pre teen kids…such an awful time for kids of that age to see parents separate.

Dear Not So Fresh:
The two have worked it out for the time being. That's not to say their problems are in the past, but they reached a solution, at least for now.

Dear Ted:
Do you know if there is any truth to the rumor that Robert Pattinson is designing a ring for Kristen Stewart for Christmas?

Dear Put a Robsten Ring on It:
Sorry, C, but these two have no plans to walk down the aisle, so if Rob is designing a ring for Kris, it's simply a gift for the holidays. Just be happy these two are still together—that's enough for some holiday cheer, right?

Dear Ted:
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are so weird to me. What do you thing about him and ScarJo?

Dear Uh No:
Yeah, they might be hot together, but those two are totally wrong for each other. Gos is much too quirky and cute for Scar, that's why gal rebounded with a dude like Sean Penn. Besides, she already had a super hot Ryan all to herself, leave some for the rest of us!

Dear Ted:
Back in a November you said that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's Vices (plural for both) actually keep them together. Since Angelina now has a wonderful relationship with Brad's parents, are the parents aware of those Vices and OK with them? They seem so conservative and I would think they would be shocked at one of their shared Vices and I'm not talking about the sex angle.

Dear Hush Hush:
True, Brad's parents are very fond of Angelina, but it's hardly because of her Vicey behavior. Despite Jolie's skeletons, girl is the mother of Brad's children, and that's why Mr. and Mrs. Pitt love her. And no, they are definitely not aware of all Angie's Vices. Some things are better left a secret.

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