Robert Pattinson, Cosmopolis

Robert Pattinson certainly knows how to make his fans eagerly wait anticipate.

With Breaking Dawn: Part 2 not hitting theaters until Nov.16 and oh-so-sexy Bel Ami now promising a March 2 release date (in the U.K., at least), any morsel of R.Pattz movie dish is a treat.

Which is why fans were thrilled when a few posters for his upcoming flick Cosmopolis hit the net, one even showing a release date for the movie—but were Rob-atics so excited that they were duped with fakes?

Seems so! Double so, actually.

One par-tick poster made the rounds in the past day or so. It showed a starry skyline cast in blue with the tagline reading: "How far can he go before he goes too far?" The he in question is Rob's multibillionaire character, Eric Packer.

And though it made the Internet rounds (with legit sites claiming it was the first poster from the David Cronenberg-directed movie) and even landed on some sites that sell movie posters, it appears the alleged one sheet is just very impressive—and very convincing—fan art.

So where's the real poster?

We haven't seen it yet. The second banner, that many thought must be the real deal after the fan art fake out, features Rob's smoldering mug and some versions even had a release date slapped on them: 12-12-12.

But we hear this isn't official either.

"I can confirm that that is neither the official poster, nor the official release date," one of the producers of the film promised us. "We are still completing work on the film, and there are several inaccurate stories circulating on both. "

Oh well, it's a sexy pic of Rob, and none of us have a problem with that, do we?! And, gotta say, if the fake ones are this good, we can't wait until we see the real one!

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