Best of 2011 / Celeb of the Year / Newsmakers- round 4
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He or she who has the headlines holds the pop-culture world in their hands. And in 2011, nobody grabbed more headlines than these Newsmakers. Now they're competing for the title of E! Celeb of the Year in our $25,000 tournament, and we're down to the final two!

So which two headline grabbers are heading are squaring off against each other? Check out the results...

First up, No. 8 Ashton Kutcher was no match for the future queen of England. No. 5 Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, easily glided to victory over the newly separated star with 63 percent of your votes.

But while Ashton has been sent back home for the holidays, one of the year's most notable newsmakers is alive and well in our tournament. No. 2 seed Charlie Sheen kept his dominating streak going, this time ending No. 6 Kim Kardashian's hopes of landing the year's most coveted title.

Remember how much is at stake here. E! will donate $25,000 to the charity of the winner's choice, so be sure to vote! And if you don't see your favorite in our tournament, try to get them in as a Wild Card! The choice is in your hands!

Celeb of the Year 2011: Newsmakers, Round 4
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