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If you haven't caught on yet, here's the CliffsNotes version: We're so filled with the cheer of the holiday season that we decided to think back on (only!) 99 of the many, many reasons that we still love this crazy town we call home.

So yesterday we boasted about how much we adore Adele and American Horror Story's Zachary Quinto, got way jealous over Jennifer Aniston's bangin' bod, and even gave a shout-out to Sarah Palin (tho maybe not in the way you'd think).

And now here are nine more reasons we think that Hollywood is the best place ever:

81. Humble Bradley Cooper. OK, we may have been part of the crowd bitchin' that Ryan Gosling was more deserving of People's Sexiest Man Alive title than Bradley Cooper, but when the star of The Hangover admitted on BBC's Graham Norton Show that even he thought Gos was sexier than him, we couldn't help but feel a little bad. We think you're mighty sexy too, Bradley!!

80. It Gets Better. Hollywood is stepping up for antibullying campaigns and we firmly support it. The True Blood gang (including swoon-worthy Alexander Skarsgård) was just one group of the many, many celebs who spoke out for the "It Gets Better" campaign. Cory Monteith, Josh Hutcherson and tons more lent a helping hand—and mouth—to Straight But Not Narrow. And that's just a few off the top of our (mostly) gay heads.

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79. Baby Bumpin' With a Bang. Gone are the days when celebs could simply tweet a pregnancy announcement—now it's all about the big reveal. And we must admit, we're loving this trend. Remember Beyoncé's onstage announcement at the VMAs? Or what about the photo of Jessica Simpson donning her costume while announcing her "mummy" status? We're suckers for a surprise, and this is definitely one of our Hollywood faves.

78. The Royals. Talk about a new obsession—we live for any juicy goss comin' from inside those palace walls. And don't even get us started on the wedding. We found ourselves riveted by Kate's elegance (and Pippa's backside!), and the Duchess—Cambridge, not Cornwall—continues to follow in Princess Diana's very down-to-earth footsteps. Who cares if the Brits don't understand our obsession? We're glad to take royal news ‘n' nuggets off their hands.

77. Dubstep. Forgive us for the pun, but house music is most definitely in the house. And while you may think it's better suited for nightclubs and whatnot, Skrillex—a dubstep DJ—was nominated for five Grammy Awards. If that's not a big deal, I'm not sure what is. Dubstep also just happens to be the music of choice for Team Awful's Alyssa Toomey.

76. Neil Patrick Harris' Family. There's not much to say except: How frigging adorable are NPH, his BF David Burtka, and their twins Harper and Gideon?! Really, really adorable is the answer! And even though they don't claim the title of advocates, they're showing all those Prop 8 dimwits a thing or two about family values.

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75. Taylor Swift Is Still Surprised! OK, so we hardly believe that Tay is really still shocked every time she wins an award. And we know you're not buying it either—you may even be annoyed by it. But we think it's très cute. At least Swifty seems to still be genuinely happy when her name is called and isn't jaded like half of H'wood.

74. Paula Abdul: New Show, New Personality. Before we saw that Jennifer Lopez could more than hold her own on American Idol, we were heartbroken to see Paula leave. But now she's on X-Factor and seems less loopy than ever. Which we love. Or do we? We kinda liked when she was…well, koo-koo-crazy Paula too.

73. Viola Davis Does It Again. She was astounding in Doubt (better than Streep, even). She made the most of her kinda-BFFship with Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love. And we're already sobbing thinking about her next movie, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. But it was for The Help that we were most wowed by the incomparable Ms. Davis this year (and awards-show voters seem to agree). Even in a movie that might have otherwise been offensive—you all know that Emma Stone didn't start the Civil Rights movement, right?—Viola's performance stood out and was, what we dare say every actress strives for, real.

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