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We can spend the whole year bashing what's wrong with Hollywood, but in the spirit of the New Year we're taking the time to reminisce on 99 reasons we think T-town is A-OK.

Ya know, like yesterday's gushing over all things Lady Gaga, naming E!'s most perfect spouses (that'd be Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom), and lusting over Sofia Vergara just letting it all hang out.

And today we've got nine more reasons we're still head-over-heels in love with Hollyweird:

90. Sarah Palin's Alaska: Nowhere to Be Found. Did you hear? The outrageously overpaid Fox pundit and former vice-presidential candidate has been peddling a reality show centered around husband Todd's snowmobile racing. Uh, no takers so far. Such the surprise! Gosh, is America finally done slobbering all over this big-hair moose-killer who's happy to encourage antigay behavior in her (also narrow-minded) daughters? Maybe Todd should have pitched a show about why his wife always looks 10 times more alive and vibrant when she's blowing a defenseless animal to death than when she's standing next to him? Trust, there's plotlines there for days, folks—Real Househusbands of Anchorage, anybody?


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89. Adele. The "Rollin' in the Deep" songstress is probably everyone's pick this year when it comes to the music scene, that is, if six Grammy nominations means anything these days. Which of course it still does. And Adele is deserving of all the awards she was showered with, if only for providing tunes to one of the greatest Glee mashups in the show's history (that'd be "Rumor Has It" and "Someone Like You," of course). And if you're not a fan of the McKinley High crew, then we're sure you at least enjoyed the constant Adele rotation (including more ditties like "Turning Tables" and "Set Fire to the Rain") on the radio. Now, Adele, go away for a short break; we all need it!

88. Elizabeth Olsen Who knew that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's little sis would be the one to truly take Hollywood by storm?! While M.K. and A are now most known for their tabloid covers and fab fashion line, Lizzie hit the big screen in Indie Martha Marcy Mae Marlene and left us completely speechless. Not only does the gal have some serious acting chops, but she's all grown up too (she certainly isn't the little tyke that cameoed in her older sisters' mystery movies anymore) and looking gorgeous.

87. Steve Jobs. If Steve Jobs proved anything it's that legends and geniuses still exist. It's insane to think where we'd be without all the inventions he's created that, if you're like us, you use every single day. The least he deserves is an amazing Aaron Sorkin movie. May he rest in peace.

86. Zachary Quinto The former Heroes baddie turned resident American Horror Story gay ghost (yes, that's right: gay ghost) may have stolen some small-screen scenes this year—and big-screen, too; he's super-stellar in Margin Call—but his biggest Hollywood coup may have been coming out of the closet in a totally "who cares?!" style. The dude didn't make a big deal about it with a magazine cover or TV announcement, but said it in passing in an interview with New York magazine. And it hasn't seemed to make a difference to his career at all. Mazel tov, Z.Q.

85. Rachel Bilson Has It! Totally and pleasantly surprised by Hart of Dixie, a silly CW soap that's completely watchable, not just because of southern-snitch-belle Jaime King, but a winning and charming Bilson. Wasn't she supposed to be just like her O.C. counterpart Mischa Barton and simply be pretty to look at? Apparently, until the CW decided to give Rachel a chance to play Dr. Zoe Hart, a no-nonsense but lovable doc who'd know exactly what to do with an on-off boyfriend like Hayden Christensen Know what we mean? Go, Rach! (And learn from your character.)

Jennifer Aniston

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84. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We love the Real Housewives; deal with it. And of all the insane packs of women clawing for screen time, our favorite ladies are the frightful femmes of Beverly Hills! With their plumped-up lips and flowing golden locks, these chicks scare us even more than some of the stuff that goes down on American Horror Story.

83. Jennifer Aniston's Bod. Need we say more? The babe drinks margs (that's short for margaritas, kiddos) and smokes ciggies—though not any more apparently—and still has the most bangin' body in the biz. Heck, she was just voted Hottest Woman of All Time by Men's Health, after all, and we think her figure has something to do with it.

82. True Blood. Sure, Twilight may be the more talked about of the two vamp franchises, but it's the HBO show that really made vampires look sexy again. Maybe it has to do with the fact that they have sex like… All. The. Time. And that they're really, really hot (here's to you Alexander Skarsgård). Oh, how we envy Sookie Stackhouse.

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