Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield


Dear Ted:
I have been in bed a week recovering from surgery and am passing my awake time trying to figure out my favorite Blind Vice star: Nevis Divine. Is he Andrew Garfield? The clues fit. He's around guy friends a lot and Emma Stone could be his beard.

Dear Divine Intervention:
I wish I could tell you you're right, babe, but not this time. Andrew and his Spidey GF Emma are a totally Vice free couple! How friggin' adorable (and rare) is that these days?! As for Nev, think more famous—at least by name. Feel better, S!

Dear Ted:
If King Schlong and Nevis Divine were ever on the same movie set, do you think they would hook up? Or do each of these stars keep their same-sex shenanigans to a select few less famous people?
—Fan of Both!

Dear King and Queen:
Probably not. Whereas Nev occasionally likes to dabble in the costar pool when looking for potential bedroom pals, King's dude-on-dude ventures are usually inspired by the booze-fueled party crowd. But really, who knows?! Both guys are randy enough, that's for sure.

Dear Ted:
I keep wondering if celebrities like Dianna Agron are real. Beautiful, talented, kind, and actually giving back to her fans like she did creating the "You Me and Charlie" site. I assume she is the exception rather than the norm among Hollywood young actresses? What's the scoop? No more new BV's for Dianna I hope?
—Is she for real?

Dear As Real as They Get:
She is the exception. Di is a fab gal who's genuinely a sweetie. But that doesn't exclude her from the B.V. crowd, because she definitely has a moniker. It's a thing of the past now and doesn't really apply, but at one point she certainly had secrets.

Dear Ted:
Can you tell us the Blind Vicer that the conventional guesses are wrong about? It would be fun to try and start from scratch with an old favorite!

Dear Ho Ho Ho:
It's more of a new fave, but nobody seems to have fingered our Chuck Finger-Dingle yet. That's one Vice star off the top of my head who remains elusive.

Dear Ted:
I obsessed with the idea of Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow! Do you think they could date?

Dear Team Taybow:
I could see it happening, actually. And while Tay seems to be the perfect gal for Mr. Tebow, I don't think the same goes vice versa. See, Taylor tends to like her dudes with a little more of a bad-boy side, and T.T. certainly doesn't have that.

Dear Ted:
Since you haven't answered my question as to whether Brucey Huskers is an athlete, I've decided to move on (or back) to Portia Vajazzle. Is she currently starring on a TV show?

Dear Yes and No:
Portia dabbles in the small-screen stuff, but it's hardly what she's known for. At least not these days.

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