Watch Now: First Look at The Borgias' New Season

Exclusive: Score a sneak peek at season two of the Showtime drama

By Jenna Mullins Dec 20, 2011 10:59 PMTags

The original crime family is back.

In our exclusive first look at season two of Showtime's The Borgias, Alexander (Jeremy Irons) enlists his family to help with his tour o' revenge.

We've got the trailer, plus a season summary, to help with the wait until the season premiere in 2012…

Seeking to consolidate his power, Alexander enlists his family to take an oath of revenge on the great noble houses that dared to stand against him. But once again, his papacy is faced with political turmoil. King Charles and his French army leave plague-infested Naples and head for Rome, eager for vengeance after realizing Alexander tricked him. What's worse, his forces are backed by those of Giovanni Sforza, Lucrezia's humiliated ex-husband, and his powerful cousin Catherina.  

Meanwhile, in Florence, the puritanical Friar Savonarola's grip on power tightens, and the Borgia fortunes, deposited with the Medici Bank, are jeopardized. When lightning strikes St. Peter's Basilica and Alexander is almost killed by the falling rubble, he is worried that God has turned His back on him and goes into a period of penitence and fasting.

But Alexander's real problems lie with his children, all of whom are growing up and defying his authority. Lucrezia forges an unlikely alliance between Vanozza and Giulia, and together they plot to battle Vatican corruption. The sibling rivalry between Cesare and Juan will soon turn to hatred as their father's unwavering favoritism towards Juan triggers Cesare to engage his dark side.

Elsewhere in Rome, Alexander's old enemy Della Rovere has entered the city incognito and conspires to assassinate the Pope.

How does the new season of The Borgias sound? What was the best part of the trailer?

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