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Is one of Kim Kardashian's closest friends selling her out in the name of book sales?!

That was the question on tonight's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York when Kim learns that her BFF Jonathan Cheban is planning to write a tell-all book about her life. As if that wasn't enough drama to, her hubby Kris Humphries decides to throw a party and invite random girls while she's out of town. While Kim's away, the Hump will play!

So was Jonathan really trying to use Kim to land a book deal? And how did Kim and Kourtney react when they found out Kris threw a party in their suite? 

At the top of the episode, Kim receives a shock courtesy of mom Kris Jenner: Kim's BFF Cheban is currently shopping a tell-all book about her. She's devastated by the news and decides to confront Jonathan about the news over dinner. Kim gave Jonathan the chance to tell the truth and when he didn't, she's really hurt and says, "You're using me just like everyone else...I'm just betrayed."

"I am just so beyond pissed," Kim says before posting a passive-aggressive message on her Twitter account about Jonathan, which later leads to an all-out "Twitter war."  After having Jonathan's book proposal sent to her, Kim learns that it's not a tell-all book, but a guide on how to become an "it girl" using her as a prime example. Kim feels terrible for thinking the worst of Jonathan and when she tries to call him to apologize, he hangs up on her. Ouch!

Seeing no other option, Kim goes to his apartment to talk things out. Jonathan is really hurt that Kim would "test" him and says he won't accept her apology. Kim decides to write a foreward for Jonathan's book, which Kris sends to Jonathan when Kim is unsure if she should send it. Jonathan is touched by the foreward and the BFFs kiss and make up. Phew!

Aside from BFF drama, Kim had to deal with her hubby Kris throwing a party in their suite while she and Kourtney were in L.A. Things got a little out of control and more people than Kris expected showed up. When Scott Disick comes home, he warns Kris that the girls will find out, but the NBA star says that he should be allowed to have a small get together at his own home. When the girls come back to New York, a friend of theirs sends them pictures from Kris' party, which show random girls hanging out in Kim's suite.

Kim and Kourtney confront Scott about the party and instead of ratting out Kris, he takes the blame saying he had a few work friends over and things got out of hand. Kourtney says she's disappointed in him and can't believe he would do that. Later, when Kim tells Kris that Scott had a party, Kris feels guilty and spills the truth. Kris genuinely feels bad that things got out of control and Kim tells him it can never happen again.

As for Scott, he was busy trying to get his Judaism on. Though he hasn't been to Temple in years, Scott says he wants to reconnect with his religion, but Kourtney doesn't take him seriously, calling his interest is Judaism "a fad." Later, Kourtney feels bad when Scott attempts to throw a Shabbat dinner and decides to help him. 

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