Amber Portwood


Things started to look up for Teen Mom's Amber Portwood when Indiana's Child Protection Services had closed its investigation on whether or not the reality star was a fit mother, but quickly afterwards, things turned sour.

Yesterday, Portwood was faced with the possibility of going to jail after violating her probation, and now, Leah's mom is dealing with the consequences of rear-ending a man's vehicle in Indiana.


E! News learns that the accident happened yesterday at 8:08 p.m. in Anderson, Ind. Portwood was at fault for following the 2003 Saturn S12 car too closely, which resulted in hitting the car with her 2005 Cadillac STS when the other driver decided to suddenly brake.

The report estimates the damages to the man's car to be up to $2,500. 

She claimed that "the car in front of her slammed on her breaks and suddenly made a turn," also saying that the other person didn't use a signal, although he says he did.  

"This guy slammed on his brakes in front of me when I was on my way to see my mom. It barely scratched the car though," Portwood tells E! News. "I wasn't even going the full speed limit. I was slowing down and boom, he slammed on his brakes. I guess they missed their turn and stopped real fast to turn. It sucks."

—Reporting by Baker Machado and Katie Rhames

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