Dragon Slayer Smackdown: Survivor: South Pacific Crowns Million-Dollar Winner

Jury awards the title of Sole Survivor

By Drusilla Moorhouse Dec 19, 2011 4:19 AMTags

Jeff Probst, Survivor: South Pacific's host with the most said it best: If you want to stay in this game, you have to beat Ozzy.

So, did the original Upolu Tribe manage to defeat the challenge dominator? Or did he win his way to a place in the final three? Super spoiler alert: Read on, only if you want to learn who was the ultimate winner.

Alas, Ozzy said "Sayanara Survivor" after losing the last Immunity Challenge to Sophie. And, in an unlikely turn of events it was she whom the jury awarded the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor.

Yes, the "condescending" "privileged pretentious brat" even slayed Coach, the man who anointed her the new Dragon Slayer, with a vote of 6-3. Their fellow finalist, Albert, got zero votes from the jury, thank you very much!

And though Ozzy had to be disappointed about coming up short, he can take some consolation (not to mention $100,00) for winning the fan Favortie Award by the biggest margin in Survivor history.

Ozzy's win in the final Redemption Island duel had seemed inevitable—especially in this pole-hold challenge—but Brandon didn't let go easily. And for a few scary moments it seemed that Ozzy would either fall or be DQ'd for touching the top. Brandon held on for dear life...until he didn't. He left the game with the joy of the faithful while Ozzy rejoined L'I Hantz's Christian brethren.

In his first solo contest against the Upolu five, building a house (really a skyscraper) of cards, Ozzy decked his opponents. Even Sophie, who read a book about the subject. Then again Albert didn't hand Sophie her "damn cards" despite her barking.

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Sophie's bullying turned into a major breakdown at Tribal, but despite her thin skin (because Ozzy called her a brat) it was Rick's hide who was chapped as the tribe voted him out 3-2.

Ozzy had two strategies for the final Immunity Challenge. Plan A: Win; Plan B: Win. He didn't count on Sophie's Plan C—making his huge lead disappear and knocking him out in the last puzzle portion, winning her third Immunity necklace. Indeed, Coach anointed her the new Dragon Slayer, and all she did was slay her opponents.

Which, as it happens, is a very good way to outwit, outlast and outplay your opponents.

(It was such a crazy finish that we can hardly wait for the next season, known as One World, in which the two tribes square off while sharing a single camp.)

Do you think the most deserving player won the title of Sole Survivor? Sound off in the comments!

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