Khloe Kardashian Odom, Lamar Odom

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When it comes to celebrity couples, Patti Stanger knows her stuff.

So when we caught up with Ms. Stanger at the Toys for Tots event in Los Angeles, we had to ask the famous relationship guru whether she thinks Khloé and Lamar have what it takes to make it in Dallas.

But leave it to Patti to really give us a relationship round-up, as she dished on her favorite celebrity couple (hint: they're super hot) and told us exactly why she doesn't believe Khloe Kardashian cares about fame.

Uh, what—a reality star who doesn't care about fame?

Please do explain.

For starters, she thinks Khlomar's marriage can totally take the move:

"I think that she'll [Khloé Kardashian] be fine. She is one of the few people I have ever seen in the industry that really doesn't give a s--t about fame."

Hmm, not sure how Ms. P reached that conclusion, since Khlo does have two hit reality shows and always seems eager to talk to the tabloids. But Patti did clarify her comments a bit, telling us Khloé's real priority is her man:

"She cares about getting pregnant, having babies, keeping her man, she's a Cancer."

OK, we'll level with you on that note. Khloé may love her time in the spotlight, but we think this gal's totally going to slow down once she and Lamar start a family. And since the middle Kardash has already dished how eager she is to start making babies, we're hoping Khlo will have a bun in the oven, like, soon.

But what about Khlo's beloved Lamar? After all, it takes two to make a marriage work.

Rest assured Khlomar fans, Patti has rave reviews for this dude as well:

"I really believe that Lamar has his head screwed on right…He's no dummy. He's a good guy."

And we totally agree! Which is why this duo is one of our faves. But despite her praise for the couple, Patti has another pick for today's top twosome:

"Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. They're so hot together."

Uh, duh. If only Leo had stepped out with his new gal sooner, then we could have asked Patti who's really winning the ex-wars.

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