Whoopi Goldberg's probably wondering, "Why couldn't everyone have been talking at once when this happened?!"

The Oscar-winning cohost of The View suffered an all-too-human embarrassment on the air this morning when she let down her guard for a split second—and let one rip.

Hey, it happens! Not always when Claire Danes is talking, but...

The Golden Globe nominee was discussing why she thinks her critically acclaimed Showtime series Homeland was so well-received, when, from the other side of Joy Behar came a little "poot"!

"How polite!" Danes exclaimed, laughing.

But we're going to have to hand it to Goldberg for not playing the it-was-the-chair card and, instead, patting her belly, glancing down at her backside and saying, "Oh, excuse me! I think I just blew a little frog out of there!"

And then she asked her question and all was forgotten. Well, you know, except for the million hits on YouTube and stuff.

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