Dexter, Michael C. Hall


Dexter's sixth season finale airs this Sunday on Showtime, and we are afraid in a way we've never been afraid! 'Cause based on what goes down (and who survives!) we might just have to be done with this series. Forevah.

In these sneak-peek videos, it's evident that incest might not be the only TV taboo Dexter is setting out to break this year, because...

Dexter's baby Harrison is on top of a freaking skyscraper! With a serial killer! Who has a knife! Who plans to kill him!

Now, everyone knows you can't kill an adorable little baby on TV. Especially not one in an adorable shaggy lion costume! But if Dexter has ever been consistent in anything, it is this: It will shock you in a way you did not see coming, particularly when it comes to the season finale.

So let the record show: We found a way (through therapy and John Lithgow voodoo dolls) to bounce back from Rita's horrific bathtub death (with Harrison looking on, ugh ugh ugh), but if Harrison doesn't survive the finale, we don't think we can bring ourselves to watch any more. So let's just assume Harrison will live, mmm-kay?

As for the possibility of an incestuous romance between Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and (adopted) brother Dexter (Michael C. Hall), about  40 seconds into the second clip, you can see that the "will-they-or-won't-they" plot is continuing as the two share some too-tight body space. (Ew!) Call it the Dave Annable-Emily Van Camp (Brothers & Sisters) curse: If you fall in love with your onscreen sibling in real life, the writers just might find a way to write your chemistry into the show—regardless of whether you are still together by the time the storyline hits the air.

Tune in to Dexter this Sunday to see how far this series will go, on both fronts. And say a prayer for baby Harrison, y'all!

Check out the sneak peek video right here:

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