One thing's for certain, the trend of turning fairy tales into action-y, 3-D blockbusters with throbbing techno soundtracks is alive and well. So what's the latest childhood story taking to the big screen? Jack and the Beanstalk.

X-Men director Bryan Singer and Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class) are teaming up for Jack the Giant Killer and are taking on all sorts of black magic and, of course, a very large antagonist...

Right away, Hoult looks confused. As he holds the legendary beans in his hand, he wonders, How can these really be the holy relics and elements of darkness he's been told they are? And why can't he get them wet again?

A rainstorm puts that all in perspective once when the beanstalk rips through his floorboards, thrusting his modest shack (and the princess who was hanging out with him) skyward. And the king doesn't like this one bit, so Jack heads up to retrieve the fair maiden.

We only get a few glimpses of the giant, but shots of his feet stepping on skulls and of him chasing down valiant knights have us eager for a second look. And maybe we'll get a peek at the rest of this stellar cast that includes Ewan McGregor, Ian McShane and Stanley Tucci.

Jack the Giant Killer hits theaters June 15.

What do you think? Are you excited for this magic pile of beans or have you had enough with the fairy tales hitting the big screen?

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