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So True So False, STSF

Turns out, there are worse things in life than making a 13-year-old girl dissolve into tears on national TV.

You could be held at gunpoint in Mexico.

Rumor has it that's what happened to X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger when she was recently in our neighbor to the south to shoot the music video for her new single, "Try With Me."

The news comes courtesy of none other than her choreographer Brian Friedman, who reportedly told Star that their SUV was pulled over by gunmen from a local gang while they made the five-hour journey to the remote Xilitla rainforest.

Truly a frightening experience—that is, if it's true. So, did Nicole really get held at gunpoint? This rumor is…

So false! Phew!

A rep for Friedman tells E! News that the quotes were both exaggerated and taken entirely out of context by the tabloid (shocker).

However, that's not to say that the reality star and her choreographer didn't run into a tiny bit of trouble.

While the rep made clear to E! News that they were absolutely not held at gunpoint, a car in their fleet was pulled over by police. However, no citations were ever given, and they were immediately let go.

So where did the tales of gunplay come from? Well, Mexican law enforcement—much like U.S. law enforcement—carries guns, but no weapons were ever drawn or pointed at anyone.

"It was an adventure, but a good one," the rep said.

Glad to hear it!

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