Known fact: Justin Bieber has major swagger.

And something that usually coincides with having such a quality, is knowing the right swag to give the people you love so that you don't look like a sucky gift-buyer.

In case you're freaking out because you're not as lucky as the Biebs, he is sharing the wealth on how to avoid giving LHS, or Lame Holiday Swag.

So what are the signs of LHS and how can we all prevent it?!

According to the wise Biebs, symptoms of LHS include, "a lame face, dry mouth, even hysteria caused by uncool swag." Yeah, he really said that.

Thankfully, there is one sure way, according to J.B., to prevent and cure LHS...and that is to buy his perfume.

"The joy of getting Someday protects your daughter from LHS, for life."

OK, so it's a commercial for his fragrance, but seriously, that was pretty funny.

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