Patti Stanger, Demi Moore

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Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's divorce may be old news in H'wood, but Demi's unchanging Twitter name certainly hasn't gone unnoticed. 

And while @mrskutcher clarified the moniker, tweeting the change is "not a top priority," we're still wondering if and when Demi should make the swap.

So, we caught up with Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger at the Toys for Tots event in Los Angeles to ask what's the proper Twitter etiquette for this very sticky sitch?

Forget divorce papers, ‘cause these are the days when unfollowing makes the biggest statement of all.

Oh the joys of #21stcenturydatingwoes.

Leave it to Patti to clarify the issue and surprisingly, the modern dating expert took a very traditional approach:

"Why can't she keep her name? If you get divorced, you don't always change your name. In my mother's generation, they didn't change their name—Mrs. Stanger was Ms. Stanger."

But Patti, that was way back then, right? And now we're in a tech-savvy dating time, so why the heck can't Demi just have someone change the name for her?

Turns out, Ms. Stanger thinks there's more to the @mrskutcher moniker:

"Let the woman breathe, give the girl a moment and let her assess whether she wants to go back to Moore. The truth of the matter is she was a Willis before she was a Kutcher so how about we leave her alone," stated Patti in her signature matter-of-fact tone.

She continued, emphasizing her disdain for the @mrskutcher critics:

"It's no body else's business if she feels she needs to hold on to this."

And we agree! Demi's got more important things to worry about than some silly name on Twitter, and it's ultimately her decision if she wants to let go of the title. An ex-wife keeps the ring, after all, so why not let her keep the name?

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