Foo Fighters

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You know the Foo Fighters are rocking out hard when they and their fans show up on earthquake seismographs.

Yet, that's exactly what happened during the alt-rockers concert Tuesday in Auckland, New Zealand.

Say what?!

According to the Geonet Blog, which monitors Kiwi quakes, seismologists noticed the first signs of shaky ground at the Foo's gig at Western Springs stadium with opening act Tenacious D (thank you, Jack Black!). But the meter really started dancing when Dave Grohl and mates took the stage.

"The concert vibrations were recorded as a semi continuous harmonic signal with a peak osculation of 3Hz, i.e. the ground was shaking 3 times per second in a nice rhythmic motion," the blog noted.

Translation? Per Geonet, the seismic waves that the Foo Fighters and the 50,000 fans in attendance sent out were similar to the kind of volcanic tremors recorded in nearby places like Mt. Ruapehu and White Island.

All that's missing was the lava.

While's that sounds impressive, Victor Tsai, assistant professor of Geophysics at Caltech, tells E! News that it isn't that unusual for large gatherings of people to cause such tremors.

"It's been observed that during events like soccer games or a concert, you get tremors because of people stomping, moving around. The seismic waves travel through earths crusts," explains Tsai. "Basically a bunch of people in one [place] will cause small amount of waves that get sent through the earth. So many people adding a little bit of seismic energy adds up to something that is measurable such as these tremors."

The band is currently in the midst of a world tour for their latest album, Wasting Light, which earned them six Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year.

After New Zealand, they'll take a break before resuming the trek with in Japan, starting with Tokyo on March 7, before heading over to Buenos Aires.

Now if only the Foos can summon UFOs. That would really be something.

—Reporting by Sharareh Drury

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