Amber Portwood, Teen Mom


Not every day can be Wednesday.

A day after Amber Portwood confirmed that Indiana's Child Protection Services had concluded its months-long investigation into her fitness as a mother, E! News has learned that the Teen Mom star is the one in serious danger—of going to jail next year!

A probation violation report dated Nov. 21 lists a number of alleged offenses on Portwood's part since she pleaded guilty to domestic battery, including the bluntly put "failure to behave well in society."

Wow, what does that mean?!

Per court documents obtained by E! News, on Nov. 18 Portwood "took substantial steps to the commission of the criminal offense(s) of Battery and Public Intoxication."

The mother of 3-year-old Leah also, according to the report, had failed to obtain her GED and provide written verification to the Madison County Circuit Court Probation Department; failed to successfully complete six months of intensive outpatient anger management classes; failed to pay probation fees totaling $56; and failed to set up an IRS-qualified educational fund for her daughter with an initial deposit of $10,000.

If all or any of those violations are proved true, Portwood's probation could be revoked, resulting in jail time. She originally received a two-year suspended sentence in favor of two years of probation back in June.

She's due in court Jan. 13 for arraignment.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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