Did Britney Spears Really Turn Down Her Boyfriend's Marriage Proposal?!

Pop star has shot down many reports of engagement—but did Jason Trawick actually pop the question?!

By Natalie Finn Dec 15, 2011 9:40 PMTags
Britney Spears, Jason TrawickFame Pictures

Britney Spears has had multiple opportunities to deny that she's engaged, be it after she was spotted wearing a diamond ring or because it may have just been time for another engagement rumor!

But we've all been under the assumption that she and longtime boyfriend Jason Trawick just aren't ready to go there yet. Who knew that her former agent may have already popped the question—and Spears' answer was no?!

Well, that's what some reports are saying.

But the real deal, according to Spears' rep, is that news of her shooting down Trawick's proposal is "entirely not true."

In Touch Weekly had reported that Trawick got down on one knee and offered up a massive engagement ring and everything, and that Spears panicked and backed away.

That exact story hasn't made the "BS Alert" section of Spears' website yet, but it will look right at home along with another magazine article titled, "Pressured to Wed Against Her Will."

Meanwhile, whatever's going on behind closed doors doesn't seem to be taking too much of a toll on the couple.

Spears tweeted yesterday, "Poor Jason he has less than 5 hours left to be in his 30s. I have a big surprise for him tomorrow. Xxoo." And today, she posted a photo along with this: "Hbday Jason! He looked so cool in the ["Criminal"] video, that I had to get him a new motorcycle...Check out this new Confederate Bike I got him!"

What a perfect way to leave rumors in the dust.