Emma Stone, The Help


Dear Ted:
With all the nominations for The Help, why didn't Emma Stone get any? It seems like the rest of the cast all got supporting actress nominations but she didn't get anything. What's the deal with that?

Dear No Help for Emma:
We agree, M. We love Emma Stone so we're blaming this sitch on the part Emma played. While she was great in the film, we must admit the other actresses were more deserving. Emma's time for nominations will come, no doubt. She just needs a stellar role to prove her acting chops. 

Dear Ted:
In Touch said that Blake Lively wanted Leonardo DiCaprio back because of his "lifestyle." While I know that Blake is a material girl, I hate to think that she is shallow enough to dump my precious Ryan Reynolds like that. What do you think, are Blakey and Ryan happy or is she still moody over losing Leo?

Dear Onto Someone Hotter:
Trust, Blake's hardly pining over Leo. Just look at the pics of her and Ry. They're like two (ridiculously hot) love-sick puppies. Besides, Ryan's much hotter than Leo, so girl's doing fine. 

Dear Ted:
I love me some Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson on American Horror Story—they make a great pair! Are either ladies as diva divine as they play on the show? Seriously, they best get some Emmy nods for their acting.

Dear Loving the Horror:  
We agree, K, we think both Jessica and Sarah are phenomenal in the series and totally deserve all the recognition they have received. As for a diva ‘tude? The show may be Ryan Murphy's, but don't expect any Glee-esque drama coming from this set. Jessica's way down-to-earth—girl even tossed back tequila shots with the crew! It's exactly why we love her. 

Dear Ted:  
Today I saw some very disturbing photos of Ali Lohan and wonder if they are real or touched up. She looks positively anorexic and sad. If the pics are real, does no one in her family—and I mean outside of the parents—realize this or are they being told to mind their own business? She was a beautiful young girl, as was her sister, not too long ago. What a shame.

Dear Walking in Lindsay's Shoes:
Here's the thing, P, no one in the Lohan family is sane enough to make any sort of rational decision, and just like Linds, we doubt Ali has anyone helping her manage the fame. The worst part? Both these girls have talent, but if Ali's not careful, she could end up just like Lindsay. Here's hoping girl has the sense to make better decisions than her big sis.   

Dear Ted:
Before we get to the real question, just want to say that I'm so glad to hear that your colleague Giuliana Rancic is doing so well...bless her. My question is about Robsten: In the past you've made them sound like a couple who are totally monogamous, abstaining from all others...could this really be true?

Dear Robsten Plus One?
I've said it forever and I'll say it again: These two don't cheat on each other. But they're hardly the traditional type and make no secret of their Vicey behavior. That's why they're the perfect match.

Dear Ted:
I'm confused. I will allow that this is my default state of mind but it doesn't necessarily follow that what confuses me is always crystal clear to everyone else so I'm asking for a clarification for the good of the group. How do actors get assigned their positions on A, B, C or D lists? I'm asking about actors only because reality TV stars all reside on the baloooo (a rarely used and probably apocryphal letter that follows Z) list. Talent? Good looks? Box office success? The ability to attract unhealthy devotion among the sub-group of folks with IQs lower than 70 and lots of time on their hands? A willingness to attend such glamorous events like the opening of the new Shop 'n' Save in Cranston, RI? The blind luck of being a person H'wood has randomly decided to foist down the throats of the general public as a huge star despite the public not requesting this effort? Please give us some deets although I'm willing to bet a couple of large ones that talent is not the determining factor

Dear Hollywood Hater:
Wow, D, lots of theories and a whole lotta hate. Truth is, there's no magical formula for categorizing celebs. But I will say this—A-list actors have mega talent and lots of praise for their work. Teen Mom may be in the tabloids, but it's not like the girls are walking the red carpet with Michelle Williams, get it?

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