Jennifer Aniston


So True So False, STSF

Anything Angelina Jolie can do, Jennifer Aniston can do better? The tabloids would certainly have us believe as much, and while the erstwhile friend is no stranger to a tab fabrications, the latest rumor making the rounds has been picking up more traction than most.

Star magazine is behind the new report, proclaiming on its cover that Aniston is not only pregnant, but expecting twins with beau Justin Theroux.

Seemingly bringing credence to the report is that the magazine quotes the actress' neighbor as a source, a person who apparently claims the ability to see into Aniston's bedroom window—and diagnose a double baby bump.

Creepy much? But still, the law of averages means that even the tabloids are right every once in a while. So is it true? Is Jennifer Aniston really expecting twins?! This mother of all rumors is…

So false!


Though while Team Aniston is so used to the onslaught of tabloid tales that it usually lets rumors come and go without comment, this particular report seemed so outrageous and had gained so much traction that they saw fit to issue a formal denial.

"It's a complete fabrication," her rep told E! News. "She is not pregnant and she doesn't have any neighbors that can see into her house."

That part did seem particularly creepy. And fishy. But mostly creepy.

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