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In case you haven't been keeping count on your calendar, there are now officially less than 100 days until The Hunger Games hits theaters on March 23, 2012.

So to celebrate the milestone, Lionsgate is releasing a new poster for the flick. What does it contains exactly? Who knows! That's up to you to figure out after collecting all 100 puzzle pieces spread across the net and putting it together.

Up for the challenge?

So here's the deal: 100 different sites were given 100 different puzzle pieces. The piece you see above is piece numero 92 (download a trusty PDF of it here).

Now you just have to find the other 99 pieces and piece them all together to reveal...

Who knows! It could be Jennifer Lawrence in full arena action. It could be a sexy pic of Katniss and her hunky man candy Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. It could be...well, actually we're hoping it's that last one.

And check out the #HungerGames100 hashtag on Twitter, which should make your search for the other 99 sites très simple (or at least more manageable). Get to clicking, DLing and violà! You're almost there.

When you've pieced the whole puzzle together, post it to the official Hunger Games Facebook page for the Poster Puzzle Hunt and @tag "The Hunger Games Official Movie Page."

If you solve the puzzle first, you get to be the envy of all the Jabberjays. If you lose, well you won't die like in the books, so that's good news!

Once the first person solves it, the poster will be released to the wild. We cannot wait to see it, so solve it fast you all!

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