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Dear TV Santa:

We here at Team WWK love the gifts we've been given so far this season: American Horror Story, Ben and Leslie back together on Parks and Rec, etc. But since we've been so good this year, we've complied our wish list to you, just in time for the holidays!

While we have a few resurrections requests on our wishlist, we also have a death wish. Sorry, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Without further ado, here's 10 things Team WWK is asking Santa for this Christmas...

Team WWK TV Christmas List:

1. American Horror Story season two to start the first week of January 2012. We know the finale is going to blow our mind holes, and the fact that we'll have to spend 10 or so months speculating and waiting for'll just kill us. What show are we going to obsess over now? Also, make Zachary Quinto a series regular for eight seasons and a movie trilogy.

2. Derrick (Stephen Guarino) returns to Happy Endings to woo Max (Adam Pally) and they fall in love. They could be endgame...or at least give us a truly awkward morning-after. D-R-A-M-A...drama! Get into it!

3. New Girl two-part wish: A. For creator Liz Meriweather to be cloned and write and producer every new comedy coming out in 2012 so all the new comedies stop sucking so hard. B. For Kristen Bell to guest star as a love interest for Schmidt (Max Greenfield) with Jason Dohring cast as a romantic rival (maybe her ex-boyfriend?). Execs see this magic and instantly greenlight a Veronica Mars movie. Oh, and while we're at it, let's cast Enrico Colantoni as Nick's (Jake Johnson) father. No-brainer, right?!

How I Met Your Mother

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4. For Arrested Development to stop talking about coming back and just do it already. GOD. We will believe it when we see the damn thing in our Netflix queue.

5. Seeing this back and forth mishmash between Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) on How I Met Your Mother is truly breaking our hearts. We wish that they would automatically just be the most legen...wait for it....dary couple in CBS couple history or go back to being scotch-drinking, cigar-smoking, laser-tag-playing bros. No more baby-mama drama, please and thank you.

6. After two and half years of anticipation, the Wemma proposal on Glee is so close that we can practically smell the Lysol in the air. Fingers crossed that this Glee-vent will be the most wonderfully precious musical moment in the history of Lima, Ohio. 

7. Is there a petition going to bring Jason Momoa back as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones? Guys, we're really missing our "sun and stars," OK? We don't care if it's for a dream sequence or if GOT pulls the long-lost twin brother card, we just want it to happen. Like now.



8. Listen up, Revenge, and listen good. We get that killing off a series regular is the "cool" thing to do right now, but slaying Daniel (Joshua Bowman) would be the opposite of cool. The Daniel-Emily-Jack love triangle is one of the show's most compelling elements and Bowman has made Daniel a rarity on the show: someone we can really root for, and, so far, completely trust. If you do choose to kill Daniel, just know that we'll have no problem breaking out our red Sharpie to terrorize your set. After all, we learned from the best.

9. Speaking of killing off major characters, we've got a bone to pick with ABC's Once Upon a Time. Why'd you have to kill off Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan)?! What'd he ever do besides wear fitted vests extremely well, speak in his adorable Irish accent and cry perfect single-man tears? At the very least, you could have kept him around for longer than seven episodes. While we'll never completely forgive you, bringing Dornan back regularly as the Huntsman would be a start. Maybe.

10. It's time for LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) to go on Dexter. And by go, we mean be brutally killed off. She's such a caricature of a character, we've merely tolerated her since season one. LaGuerta steps on everyone to get ahead, including our beloved Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), and has no friends left, including her ex-husband and former colleague, Sgt. Batista (David Zayas). 

What are you wishing to see when your favorite show returns? Any dream hookups...or breakups? Sound off in the comments!

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