Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn

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Lately we've been so obsessed with Kristen Stewart turning herself into a badass warrior Snow White that we nearly forgot about her other big-screen transformation:

Ya know, the one where she immortalizes her love with Robert Pattinson, er, Edward Cullen and decides she's better suited for life as a bloodsucker in Breaking Dawn Part 2?

Well it's no wonder she sought the vampy ways, ‘cause we've seen the pics and girl looks de-lish—red-eyes and all. So what do those close to the final Twilight installment have to say on K.Stew's vamp transformation?

Well, we hope you said so long to the Bella Swan you know and love when you hit the theaters last month.

"You know, Kristen and Bella—synonymously—fidget. They're awkward," writer Melissa Rosenberg tells us, "and as a vampire, she's still. So you have to write toward that, like ‘Remember to move!' Because as a vampire all that goes away."

And Melissa seems as excited to see the newbie vamp in action as we are.

"I can't wait to see Kristen embody that. It's a great challenge for an actor," Melissa dished.

And we're sure K.Stew is up for the challenge—you know the gal love's to put her acting chops to the test.

Since we barely got a glimpse of Bella's transformation in Breaking Dawn Part 1 (just a first look at the marble-smooth skin and red eyes), you know we're dying to see more of the devilish look. But we guess this pic will hold us off for a little while.

So, which Bella Swan look do you prefer: alive and kickin' or drop "dead" gorgeous? And do you think K.Stew will make an even better Bella once she takes on her vampire ego?

Weigh in below!

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