Lindsay Lohan, Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres Show

Dear Ted:
Lindsay Lohan "missed" her flight and the taping for the Ellen show? Who is she kidding? Did Ellen DeGeneres just outright refuse to accommodate her or were there really scheduling issues involved that prevented Lindsay from taping the show at a later date and time?
Not buying it

Dear Late to the Gate:
While LiLo has always had a plethora of excuses at the ready, this time it wasn't as ridiculous as the rest: She missed her flight. Irresponsible? Maybe, but not scandalous. Ellen probably would have loved the rating boost if Linds had showed. As for why L.L. didn't reschedule her taping, the Ellen folks couldn't fit her in before the wrapped filming for the season.

Dear Ted:
The person who wrote in and suggested you have your own show is a genius! So I didn't think I would like the American version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but Daniel Craig fits perfectly with how I had pictured Mikael while reading the book, and Rooney Mara has grown on me too and I can't wait for this movie! I was wondering the other day if there is any gossip between Rooney and her sister Kate Mara. Sibling rivalry perhaps?
Love, Nic

Dear Girl with the Sister with the Dragon Tattoo:
Sure, having a sister in a mucho-anticipated big screen flick may spark jealousy in some, but remember: Kate is doing just fine on the boob tube in an uber-successful series (American Horror Story, of course). So remember: She matters! As for Rooney, any juicy goss on the gal is not of the family variety.

Dear Ted:
You said in a video that Kristen Stewart is with Robert Pattinson and there are no strings attached, but one day ago you said they are together and committed, which is it because it can't be both?

Dear Not Getting It:
They are together, yes, but—as I have said since day numero uno—each is very focused on his and her respective career and so it's a no stress relaysh. Ya know, except for having to please a billion obsessed Twi-hards.

Dear Ted:
From the latest interviews, I picture Angelina Jolie as mature, together, earthy, and sitting around talking to Brad Pitt, her soul mate and confidante-all Norm Rockwell style. Actually, I feel like both Brad and Angelina are trying to convince us they are aged into a wise, elder status, beyond superficial worries of looks and stardom. Although I have always thought of them as vapid, self-indulgent and fake (Brad more so), I am finding myself wanting to believe this! So, it is true? Do we have some mutant celebrity couple sky-rocketing into some enlightened state of being??
Tree and Ted Lover

Dear Brangelina's 500th Birthday:
Angelina is a "wise" broad, sure, but she always has been that way. Especially when it comes to PR. She's concerned with her image (maybe even more so than in the past) but that might have more to do with her constantly growing family unit than famewhoring.

Dear Ted:
I read an interesting scenario on Demi Moore-Ashton Kutcher today: That the glitz of being married to sex symbol Demi wore off for Ashton and the reality of not having bio-kids kicked in, but that she would not accept that things were not working out. So he intentionally started the rumors to try to make it Demi's decision to divorce. I think that takes a level of planning I don't know if Ashton is capable of, but I found it a fascinating thought. What think you?
Sign me XXOO

Dear Moore On That:
It's definitely interesting, doll, but I doubt Ashton put as much thought into the whole demise of their relationship as you think. Especially not in terms of causing trouble in the former paradise. That happened for a bunch of other reasons.

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