Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men


Jon Cryer doesn't like getting calls very early in the morning—not after all the drama Two and a Half Men has been through.

So it's no surprise that he was a bit weary when his phone rang today at about 6 a.m.

"When I saw it was from my publicist, I called her back very cautiously," Cryer just told me. "But she was all happy. I was like, 'Good. Nobody is dead, nobody is in jail or anything like that.' She was like, 'No, you got nominated for a SAG Award."

It's Cryer's first time nominated for a SAG. "After a year of drama, it's nice to close it out with a free meal and getting to hang with Steve Carell," he said, laughing.

He insists he won't be preparing an acceptance speech because he's confident Carell will be taking home the win.

But if he does, Cryer said, "Of course, I am going to thank Charlie [Sheen]. When they gave me a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, I thanked him.

"I'm still grateful for the guy," he continued. "We had a great working relationship, and I still wish him nothing but the best."

When we talked, Cryer had yet to hear from Ashton Kutcher. "As you could imagine, Ashton is off the grid and completely unreachable for a couple of weeks, so I will text him repeatedly saying, 'Dude, I got nominated,'" he said. "We'll see what his reaction is when I can finally reach him."

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