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Most eyes are on who and what were nominated in the film categories (this is Oscar season, after all), but that doesn't mean television has any right to be ignored. Especially since today's Screen Actors Guild nominations held many great choices.

Oh sure, there were snubs (no Sons of Anarchy or Homeland?!), but we're trying to focus on the positives. So we present to you our favorite SAG noms…

Breaking Bad: It's hard to be a drama on TV today while Breaking Bad is airing, and most critics are in agreement that this season topped their list of best of 2011. You guys didn't vote it into our Top 10 Dramas, but that's neither here nor there. What matters is that the Screen Actors Guild recognized this wonderful cast.

Kyle Chandler Do we really have to explain this one? Clear eyes, full hearts, you can't lose Coach Taylor! Except that this category is full of crazy-talented actors: Bryan Cranston, Michael C. Hall, and let's not forget last year's winner, Steve Buscemi. But the biggest surprise in this category? That's No. 3 on our list

Games of Thrones: Basically, this entire cast is so wonderful that the SAG couldn't pick just one person to nominate…so they nominated the whole damn ensemble. We're happy whenever this show gets any recognition, because it's truly a masterpiece.

Jessica Lange We don't think we've written an American Horror Story Redux without mentioning the sheer brilliance that is Jessica Lange. This was not a shocking nomination, but we're celebrating it nonetheless. And tonight's episode of AHS features some of her best work yet, especially in scenes opposite Zachary Quinto.

The Office: It's kind of hard to think of The Office being great without Steve Carell, but we think this season has been managing just fine. A nod in the Comedy Series category feels like an acknowledgment of the dynamic supporting cast in Scranton, Penn. Looking at you, Ellie Kemper.

Which SAG nomination are you happy about? Is there a snub that you simply must complain about? You know where to go.

PHOTOS: 2012 SAG Awards: Notable Nominees

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